Angiolina's Farm, Levanto

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The farm


Working the land in Liguria is a challenge but what satisfaction to see the vineyard saplings germinate, the scented orange and lemon blossoms flourish in the citrus grove, the red tomatoes and the yellow zucchini flowers transform the vegetable garden in a palette of dazzling colours in the terracings salvaged with labour and passion. A thousand aromas fill the air and it will be an experience of rural lifestyle that you will live fully.
You will find a stroll among the olive trees that surround the house essential, accompanied by the stories about how the golden and fragrant oil of our farm is produced, of how the pruning of the ancient olive trees is done, of the harvesting of the olives in the orange nets and of their pressing in the social oil mill.We will tell you about how we produce honey, you will see the area dedicated to our apiary where swarms of industrious bees are constantly active.

For those who want to know the hinterland of Cinque Terre and the most genuine rural Liguria you can take a field trip with us in our estate in Val di Vara (The Vara Valley) the valley of organic farming where you will be able to visit our nursery of ornamental plants, our orchard and the large olive grove. If we will be lucky we may be able to introduce you to our grumpy yet beautiful wild horse.

Climbing from the sea to the mountains you’ll encounter pine groves, chestnut groves and Mediterranean scrubland formed by heather, broom and arbutus right up to the pastures of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (High Road of Ligurian Mountains) from where you can enjoy a unique view on the green valley and the sea. On clear days, when the Tramontana wind blows, it is possible to see, far out on the horizon, the island of Corsica and the Tuscan Islands.


The crops of our farm

In Rocchetta di Vara

  • Olive grove of about 10.000 square meters
  • A nursery of ornamental plants of about 3.000 square meters divided in two parts containing (Photinia Red Robin, Evanymus Aurea,
    Buxus Faulicuner, Ligustro Texanum, Ilex Nellie Stevens, Taxus Media Hilly, Ruyneospermum)
  • Seasonal gardens of about 800 square meters
  • An orchard about 3.000 square meters with apples, cherries, peaches and apricots

In Levanto

  • Olive grove of about 15.000 square meters
  • Citrus grove of lemons and bergamots
  • Gardens with vegetables and beans
  • “Giardino dei Semplici” – garden with aromatic herbs